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  • Topic #1
    The relationship between fashion and interior design

  • Topic #2
    Architecture and fashion brands. The importance of bricks and mortar for retail

  • Topic #3
    The Interior design press and its relationship with fashion

  • Topic #4
    The return of the artisan

  • Topic #5
    Tradition vs Futurism

  • Do you believe in Miracles, (really) ......Kisses:) #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-02 13:52:10 by Moni A

  • How do interior spaces produced by fashion designers different from those by professionally trained interior designers? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-07 01:47:53 by Winsome Li

  • Which young talent in the fashion scene would be a great collaborator in the field interior design? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-07 07:24:28 by The STYLE INSIGHT

  • What's the next vision of interactive communication of artisanal workmanship and future technology? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-07 07:28:44 by The STYLE INSIGHT

  • Welcome to #armanitweettalks at the salone del mobile in Milan... #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:02:39 by Armani

  • exploring the relationship between #fashion #architecture and #design #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:02:45 by Armani


    2014-04-11 19:20:09 by ?AlejandraJeffT98°


    2014-04-11 19:25:31 by ?AlejandraJeffT98°

  • When you design, who is your biggest inspiration? ... Or a gift you've always had a passion for fashion? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 19:38:20 by ?AlejandraJeffT98°

  • How is that fashion has enriched you as powerfully artistic? ... It must be very hard work with universal colors? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 20:00:46 by ?AlejandraJeffT98°

  • You can designing for homes and mansions with your beautiful and your predigiosas fashion brands? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 20:11:59 by ?AlejandraJeffT98°

  • Armani, if you were not a professional designer, that serious profession and why? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 20:31:24 by ?AlejandraJeffT98°

  • What pieces designed by you, do you have at your home?#armanitweettalks #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-15 13:00:15 by Teresa Herrero

  • Introducing our panelists…@katiebarontweet, journalist, trend forecaster @Stylus_live & fashion features editor @VOLTMAG #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:03:18 by Armani

  • @ITALO_ROTA_IMHO, of Studio Italo Rota, an architect based in Milan… #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:03:49 by Armani

  • @DanielLibeskind of Studio Daniel Libeskind, an architect based in New York and Milan… #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:04:17 by Armani

  • @MichaelBoodro, Editor in Chief of @ELLEDECOR #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:04:42 by Armani

  • Has there always been a relationship between design and architecture as a function of fashion? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:06:11 by Armani

  • @armani We tend to make a distinction between fashion and architecture as if they're different but historically… #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:06:55 by Studio Libeskind

  • @armani …they're one field. There is a return to a coherence between the worlds of beauty and ideas as one world #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:07:17 by Studio Libeskind

  • @armani From Gianfranco Ferré to Raf Simons, boundaries between design disciplines have always been fluid #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:09:36 by VOLTMAG

  • In Italy, design is integral to life. Has there always been a connection between a building’s look & the way people live? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:11:28 by Armani

  • @armani Normal people dreaming of their ideal interior space is new for architects #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:12:16 by ITALO_ROTA_IMHOTEP

  • A flagship and a normal store are two different spaces. The flagship is where people experience the products #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:26:40 by ITALO_ROTA_IMHOTEP

  • What do you think to fashion designers moving into the area of interior design and putting their names to it? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:13:06 by Armani

  • @armani Fashion designers putting their names to interiors is a reflection of how branded the world has become #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:13:37 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani People like to believe that they have a cohesive existence so want their decor to match their clothes #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:14:15 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani Often the most creative thing we do is dress so we form allegiances to certain designers and want to reflect… #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:14:57 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani …that at home. If you like Diesel jeans you might want a Diesel kitchen; the designer name is reassuring #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:15:32 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani Interiors offer a new playground for fashion designers creativity #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:15:57 by Michael Boodro

  • Is there is a synergy between the way in which an architect works and the way in which a fashion designer works? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:16:04 by Armani

  • @armani Architecture and fashion are about bringing dream and reality together #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:17:12 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani I’m working with the artist Marina Abramovic on a project which wouldn’t have been possible 20 years ago #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:18:52 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani Collaboration between architects and fashion brands creates a new synergy for projects. The diversity is welcome #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:17:57 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani Our more democratic world means fields don’t have to work so separately anymore #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:18:04 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani People working in different fields have to trust each other more, so there’s a greater coherence #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:19:24 by VOLTMAG

  • An architect deals with space, an interior designer thinks about the look & feel. Can the two things come together? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:19:42 by Armani

  • @armani The idea of a normal house has gone. There’s no normal, it’s been shaken up, now everyone is a dreamer or a poet #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:21:05 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani Democracy has given us more choice with our clothes, it's the same with our homes; we can express ourselves more #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:21:56 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani The world is more voyeuristic now due to social media and there's an appetite for knowing more about… #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:22:40 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani …designer's processes. It's not ‘I have good taste, you can too’ but… #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:23:13 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani …it’s exciting how a brand like @andotherstories allows people to come closer #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:23:31 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani We love a story, whether about a piece of jewelry or a building. We’re fascinated by the thinking behind them #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:24:05 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani The lines between culture and commerce, public and private have been completely erased in a positive way #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:25:31 by Daniel Libeskind

  • In an age where everyone is starting to shop virtually, is there a desire to make brand’s stores theatrical? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:26:22 by Armani

  • A store is more than a museum, the product is tactile which creates a very complex situation for an architect #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:27:50 by ITALO_ROTA_IMHOTEP

  • @armani Both fashion designers and architects create by conceiving and creating a new world #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:28:37 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani Fashion brand's stores feed their e-commerce. Online sales go up when you have an amazing store space #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:29:48 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani The idea of art and commerce has changed. E.g. The top of The Crystal store in Vegas is now home to a light show #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:30:39 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani It’s a myth that stores will die out. They don’t need to be so transactional but about inspiring desire #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:31:39 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani There’s an element of theatre in fashion and stores add to that creation of another world #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:32:58 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani Stores are a forum for kinship, for finding people who have shared interests there is a convergence happening now #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:45:10 by VOLTMAG

  • As a contrast to kinship within fashion, is there still the traditional view of the architect being autocratic? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:34:06 by Armani

  • @armani The old autocratic ideology of architecture, as a way to socially engineer people and how they live, is over #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:37:09 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani Without the old ideology of engineering society, the world is open to a new relationship between… #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:37:34 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani …architect and public. Now it’s just as important to consider a button in a button hole, as a column… #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:38:01 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani supporting a building. The hierarchy has changed in architecture and design #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:39:25 by Daniel Libeskind

  • Are we now in a situation where the architect thinks more about how the work relates to the people and who will use it? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:41:08 by Armani

  • @armani Many people don’t like architects #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:42:00 by ITALO_ROTA_IMHOTEP

  • @armani Many people like the dark side of life, in fashion, music, cinema, art.In architecture you don’t have a dark side #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:44:58 by ITALO_ROTA_IMHOTEP

  • @armani In the future buildings will be drawn by the fashion designer in an image of enterprise, like a small theatre #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:46:23 by ITALO_ROTA_IMHOTEP

  • Should different voices and cultural influences be creating ‘local’ stores across the world? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:47:08 by Armani

  • @armani Brands recognize high-end clientele travel a lot… #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:47:32 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani …and they don’t want to visit a store in a new city designed the same as the rest. The last few… #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:48:16 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani …decades saw brands becoming known in cities & now realize they need to become part of the cities they’re in #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:48:28 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani For luxury brands there’s a level of conceit attached to going somewhere and putting down a generic footprint #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:50:20 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani Consumers, with the right to reply social media brings, feel they’re owed a connection & sense of community from #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:51:00 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani brands. The Camper brand in Shanghai developed a store with a sense of locality which is a big draw for people #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:51:36 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani Fashion & interiors are more flexible & affordable than making a building so it’s easier to express yourself #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:52:37 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani Stores as theaters of illusion is a false idea to me, people want a participatory reality represented by a brand #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:52:56 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani People are no longer impressed by the illusion of their dreams being presented back to them, they want to #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:53:21 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani participate. Successful brands are pushing themselves to create spaces that challenge people’s sense of comfort #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:53:39 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani Where do we go that makes us feel alive? The days of stores with nice lighting and comfortable seating are over #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:54:29 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani There are no rules for good visual merchandising #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:54:47 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani Places that push us beyond our comfort zones & thrill us are what we want. It’s about appealing to our dark side #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:55:04 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani That sense of the ‘dark side’ is also why neighborhoods that haven’t become so homogenized are more authentic #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:55:19 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani When you go into a designer store like Hermes, you are a King, when you enter a normal shop you are just normal #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:55:59 by ITALO_ROTA_IMHOTEP

  • @armani Stores have changed completely, now the design has to promote the accessories as well as clothes #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:57:04 by ITALO_ROTA_IMHOTEP

  • @armani The relationship between architecture, interior design, fashion & product has changed. It is no longer linear #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:58:28 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani We’re living, working & shopping in a different way now & many brands are scared of this. The old rules are gone #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 13:59:48 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani We’re over the age when designers and editors dictated what skirt length you would be wearing #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:00:22 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani Fashion in the past was like an aphoristic art based on total authority #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:00:40 by Studio Libeskind

  • @armani In the same way planning is no longer a machine of functionality, it’s breaking down the image of the city itself #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:02:32 by Studio Libeskind

  • Customers and consumers are more educated than before. As an editor, do you curate that? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:04:37 by Armani

  • @armani In the press around fashion&interiors, what we provide now is inspiration rather than telling people what to buy #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:05:14 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani It used to be that designers had mood boards, now everyone has a Pinterest or Instagram, which is a great thing #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:05:32 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani There is so much information in the world and magazines provide a service of curating it for people #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:06:09 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani It’s not about showing pictures of pretty rooms, we have to provoke people a little and show them something new #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:07:01 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani The average person is hyper-connected and over-stimulated, so there's never been a better time to edit and curate #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:07:44 by VOLTMAG

  • @ITALO_ROTA_IMHO As an architect – is there a pressure, with so many influences online etc., to have your own vision? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:08:45 by Armani

  • @armani Everyone is an artist & a curator - a difficult place for the professional because there is more competition #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:10:37 by ITALO_ROTA_IMHOTEP

  • If everyone is an artist, where does that lead you as a designer or architect – does it make you more extreme? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:11:07 by Armani

  • @armani We are in a renaissance because people are empowered and doing things in a new way now #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:12:55 by Daniel Libeskind

  • @armani We have a new sense of being. I’m lucky not to be in the 50s doing the same sorts of post-war reconstructions #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:13:13 by Studio Libeskind

  • @armani What’s exciting about now is the empowerment the internet brings, the new voices are coming out like @Tavi for eg #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:13:49 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani There will always be good designer and bad ones but there is more access now to show your work #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:14:44 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani The new consumer-curator expects more from brands #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:15:44 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani People want stores that nurture the sense of empowerment. It’ll be interesting to see how architects foster that #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:16:24 by VOLTMAG

  • Is there a tension between architecture and design – where does the craftsman element sit? #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:17:36 by Armani

  • @armani Technology will always be superseded by technology as it’s always changing, the thing that can’t be, is art #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:18:15 by Studio Libeskind

  • @armani Architects & designers solve problems for clients. Embedding personality into their work makes it art #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:19:15 by Michael Boodro

  • @armani Heritage is a useful anchor for brands but it’s about matching it with modernity #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:20:16 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani There is a sweet spot where heritage and future meet like we’ve see with Raf Simons and Dior #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:20:40 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani It’s also about the brand’s story, even young brands can successfully tell a story. That’s appealing to people #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:21:46 by VOLTMAG

  • @armani The last 20 years humans have led many revolutions in technology #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:23:22 by ITALO_ROTA_IMHOTEP

  • @armani …and in the future the real revolution will be the relationship with nature #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:23:34 by ITALO_ROTA_IMHOTEP

  • @armani In future there won’t be architecture unless everyone is an architect… #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:25:44 by Studio Libeskind

  • @armani There won’t be design unless everyone is a designer #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:26:13 by Studio Libeskind

  • @armani It’s funny because when I was young I wanted everyone to be interested in art & fashion & design. Now they are! #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:26:26 by Michael Boodro

  • Thank you for joining in with the #armanitweettalks

    2014-04-11 14:26:21 by Armani

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