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    The relationship between fashion and film

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    The red carpet runway

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    Fashion, film and the press

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    The role of the publicist

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    The importance of the stylist

  • How does product placement effect the credibility of fashion in film? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-21 11:41:33 by Emma Laggar

  • which do you think is the most fashionable movie you have seen? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-21 10:34:57 by Paolo Zollo

  • RT @PaoloZollo: which do you think is the most fashionable movie you have seen? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-21 10:40:58 by Francesco C.O.

  • in your opinions what film had largest impact on the fashion industry and the red carpet? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-21 12:11:54 by householdsteve

  • ......what is the secret of your success?......Kisses:) #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-21 13:31:21 by Moni A

  • In Terms of Style icons I believe the men are upping their fashion game.Which actor has made that strong styling change? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-21 18:57:37 by NatalieBlags Fashion

  • #ArmaniTweetTalks In Terms of Style icons I believe the men are upping their fashion game.Which actor has made that strong styling change?

    2013-05-21 18:56:24 by NatalieBlags Fashion

  • Fashion and Film works hand in hand why/ in your opinion is it clever marketing? And PR #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-21 19:01:12 by NatalieBlags Fashion

  • #ArmaniTweetTalks the most elegant movie this is year at @fdc_officiel is #LaGrandeBellazza by italian producer #PaoloSorrentino

    2013-05-22 09:05:37 by Pierre-Jean Manfreo

  • The beauty of a dress can obscure the beauty of a film? #galksjadlfh

    2013-05-24 11:12:08 by Valentina Di Minco

  • Welcome to the latest edition of Armani Tweet Talks. This time we’re at Cannes Film Festival to discuss fashion & film #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:16:20 by Armani

  • Getting ready to learn more about fashion media & film via #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:23:09 by Indigo7 Marketing

  • @zacharyquinto I've read that 2+ hrs in makeup helps you prepare for Spock. How has costuming helped u w/ other roles? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 19:58:07 by Tara Armstrong

  • Would it affect an actor's career to not use a stylist and is it different for men vs women? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-30 01:06:43 by Sarah Downing

  • does Jonathan help you with ure fashion choices ! #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-30 02:53:50 by Addison Shade

  • As I remember film & fashion show trends actually more as Haute Couture.How do you want use it to present Armani design ? #armanitweettalks

    2013-06-13 03:04:19 by Elzbieta D Jaworska

  • nice and good promo f #armanitweettalks

    2013-06-13 03:49:35 by ricardo a merino

  • I'm mostly a Giorgio Armani fan. I study fashion at miami international University art & design. #armanitweettalks

    2013-06-15 01:14:33 by MICHAEL ALLENOVA

  • I love armani style nice elegance and chic #armanitweettalks

    2013-06-15 01:15:23 by MICHAEL ALLENOVA

  • I'm starting off with a tee shirt line is that a good ideal to start off with #armanitweettalks

    2013-06-15 01:16:17 by MICHAEL ALLENOVA

  • How did armaqni get to design for the red carpet. and build relationships with celebrites. #armanitweettalks

    2013-06-15 01:21:45 by MICHAEL ALLENOVA

  • To start off I’d like to say hello to our panel and ask them to describe their favourite fashion moment in film #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:16:45 by Armani

  • @armani My name is Kevin Maher, I’m a film journalist at The Times and a novelist #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:19:17 by Times Fashion

  • @armani My favourite fashion moment is Jean Seberg’s long-sleeved T-shirt in À Bout de Souffle – from her own wardrobe #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:20:04 by Times Fashion

  • @armani My name is Greg Williams, I’m a photographer and film maker #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:24:40 by Greg Williams

  • @armani My favourite fashion moment is probably the whole of the original Thomas Crown Affair #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:25:18 by Greg Williams

  • @armani My name is Derek Blasberg, I’m a writer who lives in New York City #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:25:51 by Derek Blasberg

  • @armani My favorite fashion moment in film is Humphrey Bogart’s white tuxedo jacket in Casablanca #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:26:21 by Derek Blasberg

  • @armani My name is Hilary Shor, I’m a film producer based in New York and Los Angeles #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:26:59 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani My favorite fashion moment in film would be Tippy Hedren in Marnie #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:27:25 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani Her performance was so enhanced by the wonderful costumes that Hitchcock worked on #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:27:45 by Hilary Shor

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “My name is Zachary Quinto, I’m an actor and producer” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:28:13 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “Michael Kaplan’s Blade Runner is one of the most innovative and alluring projects… #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:28:31 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “…in terms of fashion and film” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:28:50 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “Also A Single Man & the films of Julianne Moore - effortlessly elegant” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:29:11 by Armani

  • @DerekBlasberg How has the relationship between fashion and film changed? How do you perceive it? When did it happen? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:32:47 by Armani

  • @armani The example of Audrey Hepburn is interesting. Those costumes developed from a friendship with Hubert de Givenchy #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:33:37 by Derek Blasberg

  • @armani Today, we see Miuccia Prada collaborating with Baz Luhrmann on The Great Gatsby #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:34:10 by Derek Blasberg

  • @hilaryshor You’re a producer, is there a difference between a costume designer & a fashion designer working on a film? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:35:16 by Armani

  • @armani Of course – sometimes the two work very well together and sometimes they can’t #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:35:47 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani The original Great Gatsby was a moment in marketing that may or may not have worked #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:36:04 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani I watched carefully for this moment in Warner Bros’ The Great Gatsby they had Prada & also Brooks Brothers suits #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:37:24 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani To get financing for films, you often want to partner with brands. Creatively you have to make something work #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:38:09 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani Sixty years ago it was a single costume designer, like Edith Head, and her little studio #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:39:50 by Derek Blasberg

  • @armani One of the big shifts to fashion brands was when Armani did Richard Gere’s costumes for American Gigolo #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:40:27 by Derek Blasberg

  • @ZacharyQuinto Are you aware of the fashions impinging on what you do? Is it on your radar when you’re on a film? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:40:55 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “No, I feel what I wear when I’m working as an actor has nothing to do with fashion...” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:41:35 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “…It has to do with information” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:41:53 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “I also want to feel like what I put on my body reflects the character I’m playing” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:42:13 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “It gives me a point of entry that I can utilize to create a character” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:42:31 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “It’s an interesting conversation, the difference between a costume designer and a fashion designer” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:42:48 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “I worked with Michael Kaplan, who I cited as my favorite moment in fashion and film in Blade Runner” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:43:25 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “His own relationship to fashion is very minimal and simple –“ #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:43:55 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “ – yet he creates these fantastic landscapes of costumes” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:44:15 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “Fashion and the movies, and fashion when you’re at a premier is different” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:44:45 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “I love them both but personally for me as an actor I keep them separate” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:45:03 by Armani

  • @armani He is creating a character. What he wears really has to reflect that character #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:45:42 by Greg Williams

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “But talking about American Gigolo & Givenchy…” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:46:39 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “…personal connections led those people to design those clothes” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:47:01 by Armani

  • @armani But those films are stronger for that, right? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:47:26 by Greg Williams

  • @armani But they’re appropriate for the films #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:47:51 by Hilary Shor

  • @ZacharyQuinto But do you think that’s changing? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:48:33 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “Of course, that’s the evolution…” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:48:47 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “…Part of it is diminishment of personal connections & increase of corporatization” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:48:59 by Armani

  • @TimesFashion In your role as film critic are you aware of those elements becoming as much a part of the story? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:49:25 by Armani

  • @armani Yeah totally, I know people that went to The Great Gatsby just because it was all over the media #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:49:59 by Times Fashion

  • @armani Even if they didn’t do it consciously, they went to see a load of Prada clothes #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:50:30 by Times Fashion

  • @armani There’s the famous moment in 1932, Joan Crawford in Letty Lynton, in a gown by Adrian Adolph Greenberg #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:51:15 by Times Fashion

  • @armani Macy’s sold 500,000 copies #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:51:59 by Times Fashion

  • @armani There’s always been that relationship #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:52:36 by Times Fashion

  • @armani I think it’s a world where we as film makers & artists have to figure out the match that best serves the picture #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:53:47 by Hilary Shor

  • Coming back to something @GregWInsight said earlier. That marriage need not be something that’s aesthetically bad #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:54:05 by Armani

  • @armani It could be great if it’s done right! #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:54:40 by Greg Williams

  • @GregWInsight You cut your teeth shooting Bond. Are you aware the pictures could become an iconic fashion moment? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:54:56 by Armani

  • @armani Certainly, with the posters I shot for Skyfall the blue of the Tom Ford tux is brought out so much #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:55:36 by Greg Williams

  • @armani The lying down shot is a great dramatic picture but the shot of him standing looks almost like a fashion shot #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:56:25 by Greg Williams

  • @ZacharyQuinto It strikes me in coverage of the red carpet the first question is usually who are you wearing #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:56:54 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “For women yeah” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:57:31 by Armani

  • @ZacharyQuinto This is an interesting point. You go to these things #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:57:49 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “There’s such an opportunity for men on the red carpet & this environment not to be safe – “ #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 15:59:55 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “– it’s so traditional” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:00:16 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “In my relationship to it, I try to embrace it, how to push the limits and yet not be overt about it” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:00:29 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “A guy can only wear what, a tuxedo, suit or tie or whatever –“ #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:00:57 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “ – but then is the tie a little bit off color?” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:01:14 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “How do you infuse it with a sense of individuality?” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:01:28 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “How do you own it & stand out in a sea of black tuxedos? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:01:49 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “It’s a great challenge, I love to work on that, I just came off a 5 week press tour …” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:02:04 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “…travelling round the world. I decided what to wear in every place and putting it together…” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:02:22 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto “…that’s something I enjoy” #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:02:39 by Armani

  • @armani When you’re a gentleman and go to a black tie dinner, you’re wearing a tux. Just like the waiters #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:03:23 by Derek Blasberg

  • @armani I’ve been asked to get Diet Cokes for people… and I will get them for you! Ha! #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:03:50 by Derek Blasberg

  • @TimesFashion You might not write about what people wear on the red carpet, but your newspaper would #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:04:34 by Armani

  • @armani About who wore what at Cannes and a tiny little bit about the film! #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:05:38 by Times Fashion

  • @TimesFashion How did that happen? It’s a really astonishing phenomenon. Is it because we’re not invited? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:05:48 by Armani

  • @armani Historically it’s really simple. In the Nineties Melissa & Joan Rivers in 1994 started doing the red carpet show #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:06:26 by Times Fashion

  • @armani around 2000 the South Park guys came dressed in gowns, Bjork wore the swan the next year #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:07:23 by Times Fashion

  • @armani And then Lady Gaga now… #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:08:06 by Times Fashion

  • @TimesFashion So it’s become a catwalk #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:08:06 by Armani

  • @armani You watch these actresses market themselves – Jennifer Lawrence created a magnificence presence on the red carpet #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:08:47 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani It was terribly important as someone who has to figure someone’s value financially as well as creatively #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:10:38 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani The same thing happened with Carey Mulligan when she did An Education #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:11:11 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani I’d known about her for years, watched her on the stage in the UK, I’m very familiar with a lot of British talent #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:11:39 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani …then all of a sudden she did this tiny little £6m movie #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:12:03 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani …somebody got her the right stylist honey. She did that – it was watching a star is born. It was fascinating #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:12:21 by Hilary Shor

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'I think it also comes back to that point of sponsorship to a degree… ' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:12:50 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '…because then the alliances – especially between actresses and designers – become very important' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:13:09 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'I can’t drive anywhere without these Dior adverts with Charlize Theron. She is stunningly beautiful' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:13:39 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '…but that’s also created around her, if you look at her 15 years ago on a red carpet…' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:13:58 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'I mean it was the 90s, nobody looked good, but it was a completely different story' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:14:21 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'You enter into a space because you get a moment and it’s how you seize that moment' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:14:41 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'It’s the alliances that you forge, the designers you connect with, the way you present yourself' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:15:01 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'There is an expectation around that, I think, especially for actresses' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:15:25 by Armani

  • @armani I wasn’t a Jennifer Lawrence fan till she wore that red CK dress at the Golden Globes. Then I thought, wow! #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:16:41 by Derek Blasberg

  • @armani I think Mr Armani is one of those people who understood the importance of this relationship with actors early on #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:17:29 by Hilary Shor

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'It’s like a symbiosis' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:18:27 by Armani

  • @armani I did a movie with Clive Owen & watched how he and Armani partnered so beautifully #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:18:56 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani You know he has absolutely understood and supported actors for 20 years #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:19:19 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani I think he really started that connection between an artist and a designer, and then it becomes branding #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:19:43 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani As a producer who makes a lot of movies where I have to pay the actors often very little money #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:20:11 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani …because they’re artistic films. I thank god my friends who are actors have these resources #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:20:29 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani …so they can do my independent films where I don’t pay them a lot #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:20:49 by Hilary Shor

  • @GregWInsight It’s a circus around the red carpet, one of the things I’m interested in is how actors almost model #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:21:02 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto ‘I think so’ #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:21:56 by Armani

  • @armani You hear Zach talking about suits and stuff. You’re looking for individuality, you don’t feel that from everyone #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:22:20 by Greg Williams

  • @armani There are people you know they’ve got aesthetic taste and you can see it in what they bring out... #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:22:44 by Greg Williams

  • @armani …there are other people who just look like a clotheshorse #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:23:06 by Greg Williams

  • @armani Are we over-emphasizing the importance of the red carpet? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:24:40 by Times Fashion

  • @armani There are so many other factors and yes they still have to be able to act #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:25:20 by Times Fashion

  • @TimesFashion But how many other things would get four or five pages in a national newspaper? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:25:28 by Armani

  • @armani I was official photographer for BAFTA for about seven years, so I had access everywhere… #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:26:01 by Greg Williams

  • @armani …so I was there when Carey Mulligan really broke her new look… #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:26:20 by Greg Williams

  • @armani …I got these lovely pictures of her backstage cradling her award… #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:26:40 by Greg Williams

  • @armani …she looked wonderfully elegant. I hadn't seen her before #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:26:55 by Greg Williams

  • @armani Again she seized that moment, where she became a fashion girl as she was on her awards journey #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:27:22 by Hilary Shor

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'I think you have to separate it –' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:27:37 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '– your point that there are other factors is absolutely true of course' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:27:52 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'Charisma, talent, magnetism. For women especially it’s a different game –' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:28:07 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '– and I believe that that moment, it’s like it’s a threshold' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:28:33 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'That presentation, that availability, that accessibility…' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:28:53 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '…for whatever people read those publications' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:29:12 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'When they run those pictures is a moment that defines people in a way' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:29:30 by Armani

  • @armani It becomes economics for them. That presence on the red carpet particularly for women can be monetized #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:29:58 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani and that is something, whether brand, producer or studio that awareness is what helps drive the economy of movies #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:30:49 by Hilary Shor

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'I think that’s convergence – you need the moment, you need the platform' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:31:30 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'If people are paying attention to what you’re wearing it’s because of the other factors…' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:31:52 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '…but then what you’re wearing shapes the journey you take from there moving forward' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:32:11 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'It’s like a curation of an aesthetic and an establishment of a persona' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:32:37 by Armani

  • @armani Carey Mulligan can finance movies now because of An Education, that film put her on the red carpet #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:33:17 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani Lucky for us all she’s able to do small movies that people like me want to make & people like him want to star in #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:33:46 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani because of that kind of bonding between fiscal viability & artistic merit. That’s where the best of it can happen #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:34:13 by Hilary Shor

  • @hilaryshor Is it possibly as simple as having incredible exposure & an opportunity to appear like a movie star? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:34:30 by Armani

  • @armani You think of something like Monster. You think of the difference between characters… #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:35:10 by Greg Williams

  • @armani …and then Charlize walks down the red carpet – another thing like Winter’s Bone #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:35:32 by Greg Williams

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'That work was incredible, but also Charlize happens to be stunningly beautiful…' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:35:45 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '…and able to wear anything…' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:36:05 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'and there’s just an inextricable connection between fashion and the film industry now #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:36:25 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'whether it was there forever or it’s more a modern trend I believe that it’s actually about glamour' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:36:46 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'there’s a glamorous element to being a movie star that is unavoidable – and for women especially' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:37:13 by Armani

  • @armani I think it’s a good thing! #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:38:04 by Hilary Shor

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'It is a good thing' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:38:25 by Armani

  • @armani It’s all a good thing, and whatever helps the film business and fashion business #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:38:36 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani We’re able to continue to make movies to continue to do the kind of things like Monster #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:38:53 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani But will we be able to continue to do that if films get more reliant on fashion product placement to finance them #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:39:15 by Greg Williams

  • @armani …if you only get to make the movie because of the style in it? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:39:38 by Greg Williams

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'But independent films are a completely different landscape' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:39:47 by Armani

  • @armani But independent films are supported by people like Zachary (number one film this weekend, congratulations) #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:40:14 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani …who are able to then come and then do a small $5m movie that I need to hire actors for #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:40:38 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani We get it Hilary – you want Zach to be in your movie! #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:41:13 by Derek Blasberg

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'Is this an audition?' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:41:42 by Armani

  • @armani Yes baby, I’ve got the script under my hand #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:41:57 by Hilary Shor

  • whats then next big thing in fashion would you say #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-30 01:00:19 by Amanda

  • @DerekBlasberg There was a time when the covers of Bazaar and Vogue were models, but then there was a shift #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:42:27 by Armani

  • @DerekBlasberg now it seems actors are the face of glossy media #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:42:54 by Armani

  • @armani Yes, the so-called death of the supermodel and the rise of the fashionable actress #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:43:24 by Derek Blasberg

  • @armani People started looking for some recognizability on news stands, and that’s when the actresses took the reins #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:43:51 by Derek Blasberg

  • What kind of films would you love to see? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-30 01:01:40 by Amanda

  • @GregWInsight When you shoot movie stars are you aware of their public image or tempted to challenge that? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:44:45 by Armani

  • What kind of costumes would everyone love to see? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-30 01:02:04 by Amanda

  • @armani I don’t like taking a picture that you’ve already seen, so you want to change that #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:45:27 by Greg Williams

  • @armani My shoots are generally all about empathy and trying to work out the kind of person you’re dealing with… #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:45:47 by Greg Williams

  • @armani …sometimes a person will walk in and the first thing they’ll go to is the clothes rack, pulling things out #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:46:05 by Greg Williams

  • @armani You can see they have a point of view. Other people don’t – then you go straight to working them into a character #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:46:29 by Greg Williams

  • @armani I don’t like making actors pose – actors aren’t models, they’re actors #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:46:51 by Greg Williams

  • @armani In many cases they’re acting because they’re deliberately not showing themselves, they’d rather show a character #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:47:10 by Greg Williams

  • @armani …or the persona that they carry day to day is a bit of a character #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:47:34 by Greg Williams

  • @hilaryshor What‘s the pinnacle, when you’re trying to promote a film, where do you actually want to get your star? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:48:38 by Armani

  • @armani You can go beyond magazines – no disrespect to them but the Internet is this new world #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:49:25 by Hilary Shor

  • What is the worst thing one could wear in everyones opinion #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-30 01:03:34 by Amanda

  • @hilaryshor Do you think people will go to see films because of the fashion, because of the costumes? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:51:01 by Derek Blasberg

  • @armani I don’t think people will go and see Gatsby because of the close ups of the costumes #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:51:32 by Hilary Shor

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'It’s a monolithic campaign' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:51:48 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'Obviously the aesthetic is part of it, everybody in the movie looks gorgeous' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:52:05 by Armani

  • @armani But look at the Oceans Eleven movies where you saw L’Wren Scott design for Ellen Barkin #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:52:43 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani Maybe she had four changes in the entire movie, or the way those guys were dressed #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:53:03 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani …but you have to serve the picture and marry what works for the character, and the kind of movie you’re making #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:53:24 by Hilary Shor

  • @ZacharyQuinto you look soo handsome #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-30 01:05:50 by Amanda

  • @TimesFashion Reviews affect what people think of a film but how does a supplement with a movie star cover affect it? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:54:15 by Armani

  • @armani I don’t know how much power film reviews have any more… #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:55:21 by Times Fashion

  • @armani …they are a really small part of the paper, you have a group of people who will read them every week… #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:55:35 by Times Fashion

  • @armani …but that is a small group of people compared to the mass carpet bombing #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:56:04 by Times Fashion

  • @armani You’ve got the glossy part of the supplement plastered with pictures of Carey Mulligan… #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:56:37 by Times Fashion

  • @armani …so if I say ‘oh by the way Gatsby is a bit meh’, they’re still going to say let’s go and see that #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:57:00 by Times Fashion

  • @TimesFashion Have you found yourself reviewing the fashion in the films more than you did? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:57:34 by Derek Blasberg

  • @armani If it’s the cult side of the film you have to mention it, but there’s that Scorsese quote ‘costume is character’ #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:57:53 by Times Fashion

  • @armani The clothes should be invisible metaphorically #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:58:14 by Times Fashion

  • @armani When you see a film when a costume jumps out, something’s not working #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:58:33 by Times Fashion

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'But the amount of effort required to secure the carpet bombing of images isn’t to be underestimated' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:58:57 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '…the publicists are working on it, this doesn’t just happen' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:59:11 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto It becomes about exposure, it becomes about association with a studio… #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 16:59:34 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '…what cover are you on, what talk shows are you on what are you wearing?' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:00:07 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'It’s how you cultivate a persona that allows you to evolve within constructs of the film industry' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:00:49 by Armani

  • @ZacharyQuinto are you feeling alright, you sound as if you have a cold :( #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-30 01:08:36 by Amanda

  • @ZacharyQuinto Let’s talk a bit about how that works. These days it’s a business – there are publicists and stylists #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:01:18 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'Yes there are of course, but if you look at the relation between Tom Ford and Julianne Moore.' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:02:04 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'They still exist, personal connections still exist. People are inspired by designers' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:02:21 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'I love the designers that I have relationships with because I like how the clothes make me feel' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:02:49 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'But in the context of a movie like Gatsby it becomes something else – it’s not mutually exclusive' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:03:11 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'And I do believe those relationships still exists…' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:03:38 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '…They might not be as – for lack of a better word – pure… ' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:03:58 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '…but there are still people that inspire designers & designers who inspire actors' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:04:15 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'The aesthetic connection is solid and it transcends the work. It actually goes into life as well' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:04:38 by Armani

  • @armani Audrey Hepburn was also dressed for premiers, for her daily life, by the studios. #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:05:43 by Derek Blasberg

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'Every actor has a team of their own people' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:07:00 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'There’s a stylist, a publicist, it doesn’t just happen you know, you have people that you work with' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:07:30 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'Typically for a magazine shoot there’s a stylist from the mag curating what you’re going to wear…' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:07:56 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '…but actors have opinions & relationships of their own…' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:08:12 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '…but I think they’re really brought to bear in terms of how they’re perceived and the image' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:08:30 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'They should be curated by how they want to be perceived…' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:09:06 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '… and how they want to position themselves in that context' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:09:27 by Armani

  • @GregWInsight Is that something you’re aware of in the studio? That actors have an image they are nurturing? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:10:04 by Armani

  • @armani I have young stylists or hair and make-up artists asking me if I can get them work #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:10:27 by Greg Williams

  • @armani I can’t remember the last time I really got to do that #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:10:48 by Greg Williams

  • @armani These days the glam squad comes with the talent – the actor – in nearly every case #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:11:58 by Greg Williams

  • @hilaryshor This is back to your point that these people are part of an industry, brands in themselves #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:12:08 by Armani

  • I think that @ZacharyQuinto has an amazing opinion about the stylist and the 'team' that most famous people #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-30 01:12:46 by Amanda

  • @armani You look at Scarlet Johansson who has a perfume contract #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:12:50 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani Many stars today, in addition to wanting to find great roles, want to find branding & sponsorship opportunities #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:13:11 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani In truth you need to find alternative income streams and you need to treat yourself as a brand #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:13:34 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani It’s truly something in the last 5-10 years that’s sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:14:04 by Hilary Shor

  • @armani It’s a way of bringing income to a business that’s transitional #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:14:22 by Hilary Shor

  • @TimesFashion Interviewing movie stars, surely you’re thinking did they really choose those clothes? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:14:38 by Armani

  • @TimesFashion Did someone make them look like that? What are they really like? #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:15:06 by Armani

  • @armani The way that the publicity industry has gone these days, it’s such a machine you know #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:15:24 by Times Fashion

  • @armani Even for The Times an interview might be 25 mins in the Dorchester #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:15:47 by Times Fashion

  • @armani You’d be naïve to think that the thing you were getting had any bearing on who that person was really like #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:16:08 by Times Fashion

  • @armani In the old days I’d spend an afternoon in NY with Joaquin Phoenix, trying to separate the dancer from the dance… #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:16:29 by Times Fashion

  • @armani …trying to see what type of person he was. But you don’t do that any more #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:16:49 by Times Fashion

  • @armani There are a few publications left, maybe Vanity Fair, that might get to sit in someone’s sitting room for an hour #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:17:39 by Times Fashion

  • @TimesFashion The way they appear is all part of the set-up #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:17:58 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'Every outfit is chosen, every decision is made before you show up' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:18:18 by Armani

  • @armani Every anecdote is well-honed #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:18:39 by Times Fashion

  • @armani You can tell the people that have style #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:18:58 by Greg Williams

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'It comes back to that thing, hopefully those people made the decision about what they’re putting on' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:19:10 by Armani

  • @armani And you can tell when they didn’t #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:19:24 by Greg Williams

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'And you have the resources necessary in order to have access to the designers and the clothes' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:19:32 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'In the end I think you want to believe and know…' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:19:52 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto '…that I do make the final decision about what I’m seen in always' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:20:12 by Armani

  • From @ZacharyQuinto 'As long as you can maintain some sense of self – which is always challenging in the industry' #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:20:33 by Armani

  • @armani I get a lot from female actresses… #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:21:08 by Times Fashion

  • @armani …big name actresses say, ‘I’m sorry about this, I’m getting my photograph taken at the end of an interview’ #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:21:56 by Times Fashion

  • @armani I get that the whole time as a sort of disclaimer because they’re always dressed up #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:22:20 by Times Fashion

  • Thank you very much for coming @ZacharyQuinto @hilaryshor @DerekBlasberg @timesfashion @GregWInsight & @showmedialondon #armanitweettalks

    2013-05-29 17:22:33 by Armani

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